Willow X - Welcome to the future of personal robots

Do you want to be part of an abundant future for all? We believe robots will be crucial to such a future, and we invite the world to write history together with us.

People who are of a certain age or who geeky enough are certainly familiar with the Commodore 64, which was one of the first affordable personal computers to be successfully launched in the early 1980s. The people who bought one back then were living the personal computer dream. They were the 'crazies ones' who knew early on that personal computers were going to be big.

All those who, like us, are convinced that robots will play a major role in the coming decade now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the first truly multifunctional robotic platform. We call it Willow X.

Willow X represents the next stage in the evolution of our outdoor robot development.

In the last three years, we have developed a revolutionary product: a garden robot that moves autonomously based on computer vision. With over 2000 robots sold, we will continue to optimize this product for garden maintenance. At the same time, our hardware team is adding a new dimension to this product. With multifunctional 'arms', there are no longer any limits to the creativity of manufacturers from all over the world in developing tools on our platform. Mowing the lawn, cleaning patios and paths, tending the vegetable garden and many other everyday chores are taken care of by personal robots.

Is this more than a fancy animation? YES, we are halfway there. Our Willow robot already handles outdoor navigation much better than any other robot out there. Adding multi-functional extensions (arms) is the next challenge we've set ourselves. And we call on today's "crazies ones" to join us on this journey. 

Over 900 Eeve customers have signed up for this robot, and pre-orders for Willow X are now open to the public. Those who sign up today will be among the first to receive a Willow X in 2024.

About EEVE

EEVE develops and produces the world's first affordable personal robot called Willow. The autonomous and intelligent robots do not need a perimeter wire and avoid obstacles with ease. With the Toadi lawn mowing tool, Willow tends your garden like no other grass robot. With its 60 person team, EEVE focuses on one goal: to give the world personal worker robots to expedite the transition to a sustainable world.


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