It’s a lawn mower, It’s a robot, It’s EEVE!

The company behind the Toadi robot becomes EEVE, and that's more than just a new name.

For the past three years, the team building the Toadi robot has successfully disrupted the lawn mower market. The master plan behind this has always been much more ambitious: “To expedite the transition to a sustainable world through robots”. Now the time has come to take a quantum leap towards that mission, and that leap is accompanied by a new name for the company: EEVE


So what does this mean?

In essence EEVE now starts commercializing the world’s first personal robot platform, a combination of an autonomously navigating robot called Willow, with a robot operating system (eOS). On top of this hard- and software platform, third-party developers and partners can develop tools. Not surprisingly, the first tool working on Willow and eOS is Toadi, the lawn mowing tool which is already active in 1000 gardens in Europe.

It’s exactly that experience in gardens that allows EEVE to now expand the offering. The hardware component is composed of an autonomous robot that operates from computer vision combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for localization and object recognition. The robot has been engineered in a modular way from the ground up for maximal openness towards an endless number of tools. Third-party developers and partners can now develop their own tools, which they can then resell via the EEVE tool store (coming soon).

Via the robot operating system the complete robotics platform will be opened to developers through API’s. Building on the EEVE platform, allows them to leap years ahead in the creation of personal robots.

What’s happening to Toadi?

EEVE will continue to sell and support Toadi as a lawn mowing tool. If you have a Toadi at home today, consider it a Willow robot including the Toadi lawn mowing soft- and hardware. By further developing both Toadi as a tool and Willow as a robot, the complete setup will continue to improve and get new features.

Designed, developed and produced where?

The EEVE order strives to adopt a circular approach throughout the complete value chain, ​ from product development up until the local production of our robots and all the tools that will come with them. We strive towards a circular world in which we are using resources rather than consuming them, by choosing for 3D printing in EEVE Ateliers close to our customers.


About EEVE

EEVE develops and produces the world's first affordable personal robot called Willow. The autonomous and intelligent robots do not need a perimeter wire and avoid obstacles with ease. With the Toadi lawn mowing tool, Willow tends your garden like no other grass robot. With its 60 person team, EEVE focuses on one goal: to give the world personal worker robots to expedite the transition to a sustainable world.


Eugène Bekaertlaan 61 8790 Waregem, BELGIUM

+32 56 19 66 11